Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice!

So today is the first official day of summer
 and the longest day of the year!
You just have to get in some pool, 
lake, river or beach time today.
What screams summer more than hot orange? 
 It just gives off a fun, playful summer vibe doesn't it?
Does wearing the color orange scare you? 
 Well, you can always start out small 
and work your way up to something like I am wearing.
  Pair it with denim, white or yellow to tone down your outfit, 
but try to avoid pairing it with black. 
 Can you say Halloween?
Another tip is not to go head to toe orange. 
 You might be thinking that this look IS head to toe orange, 
but it's not. 
 The yellow in the neckline breaks the lines 
and I paired gold jewelry and shoes with the look. 
 Just look in the mirror and 
if you think you could be on the show Orange Is The New Black,
then add another color or take something off.  

Do you love orange in the summer?

Versona dress and bracelet
Jack Rogers wedges
Betsey Johnson sunglasses
Francesca's earrings

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