Friday, August 12, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

It's been a pretty easy going week around here.
You can feel summer winding down somehow.
I don't know how that happens, especially when there is no one at your home going back to school this year.
A whole new chapter in life.

  • Driving in your car and you don't feel very well and suddenly you have to pull over and "spill your groceries" on the side of the road.
  • Being totally unaware that your cross-body bag has popped open your top button and your bosom has spilled out.
  • When the meal you made for dinner goes horribly wrong and no one wants to eat it.
  • The next night son2 makes a meal that everyone keeps raving about and you feel even more like a culinary failure!
  • When you are watching a movie you recorded on TV and the last 15 minutes didn't record


  • The new Instastories on Instagram
  • Going to the International market here in Charlotte.
  • Going back to my yoga practice after a 4 year hiatus.
  • Getting new lighting for the front porch of my house.
  • Latin Street Food!

I ordered this dress from Shein 
after seeing it on someone on Instagram. 
 I absolutely love it.  
As we all know tassels are so trendy and 
this dress is the ultimate in cool comfort
 for these hot summer days we have been having.
I added a bold necklace and simpler earrings and bracelets. 
 The tassels are really the star of this outfit.

Have you ever ordered from Shein?
What did you get?

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