Friday, August 5, 2016

Awkward and Awesome:Halifax Style

It's been a week since I got back from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I thought I'd share my trip awkward and awesome style.

  • Getting to Halifax was truly like a leg of The Amazing Race.  Ended up going from Charlotte, to Philly, to Toronto and then to Halifax.  Other people with us ended up going through Ottawa and Montreal after our original flight from Philly to Halifax was cancelled.
  • Going to an event that you assumed was casual just by the nature of the event, but showing up and everyone else is dressed up.
  • Forgetting to take your passport out of your suitcase before you get to airport and digging through your suitcase in the check-in line frantically looking for it.
  • Flying over Philly, seeing the city and suddenly your plane is diverted to Allentown due to bad weather.
  • Finally getting back to Philly and trying to get back to Charlotte when you look up and see the Duggar Family stranded in the Admiral's Club along with you.
  • The beautiful seaside in Halifax
  • The coffee and croissants
  • Attending a lobster boil...so delicious!
  • Going to the world's largest gypsum quarry.  (the Mr. works for a gypsum company)
  • The creepy, yet cool Titanic exhibit about all of the "recovered" people that didn't survive the shipwreck and were brought back to Halifax.
Breaking out the off-the-shoulder top again.  
This top has been on repeat all summer. 
 Paired it with some white linen pants this time. 
 Out of character for me, 
I decided to add black accessories. 
 I love the contrast of the black and light
 colors of the outfit.

What clothing item have you been wearing on repeat this summer?

Loft top
Banana Republic pants
Dillard's sandals
Handpicked necklace
H & M bracelets

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Shon Valdry said...

Hi Ya! It has been forever since I popped by or blogged,but I wanted to say hello.

You look gorgeous as always and your Friday posts are still so brilliant and funny. I hope you had a lovely trip and enjoy the rest of your summer.