Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bold Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing...
either you love it or hate.
I'm not talking about haphazard pattern mixing 
like the gentleman I saw wearing madris shorts 
and and a plaid shirt 
 along with his black calf high socks 
and Jesus sandals!
I am talking deliberate pattern mixing.
  Whether you go super bold as I did here, 
or just a subtle mix. 
 It's a great unexpected look.  
Why does this combo work together you ask? 
 Because I matched the black in the skirt and in the top,
 giving it a cohesive thread throughout.  
The polka dots are large and simple
 and the floral is small and more intricate. 
 Polka Dots are your friend,
they go with everything.
Just keep proportions in mind!

Would you go this bold with pattern mixing?

F21 shirt
Gap skirt
Liz and Marti Shoes
Versona earrings
gifted watch

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