Friday, September 9, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello my lovely friends.
I have been remiss in blogging this week.
How is that a long weekend always throws off 
the rest of your week?

  • When you step in gum and it is the fresh kind.  You know the kind that sticks to everything and becomes a stringy mess.
  • When are talking on your cell and you start looking for your cell because you need the list you made on your cell phone.
  • When the man that seems to be stalking you in Costco has doused himself in the cheapest, smelliest cologne you have ever smelled.  
  • Peeling skin from too much sun.
  • Forgetting to wish your friend happy birthday on her actual birthday!
  • Aerial yoga
  • Getting seated right away at your favorite beach restaurant on Labor Day weekend.
  • The absolute perfect beach weather you could ask for!
  • Making your own rosemary oil.
  • A refurbished deck all ready for the fall.
I don't know about you, 
but we had the most fabulous weather over the weekend. 
 Made me really ready for fall! 
 But as weather does,
 it didn't stay around and it is back to the summer heat. 
 So sad.

I took advantage of the cool weather
 and did a little summer layering. 
 A nice comfortable look for running around town.

I am headed up to the mountains on Sunday to do some hiking.  
 I will not be blogging until late in the week next week. 
 Until then, have a great weekend and 
I hope it spills over into your week.

Loft Top
Gap shorts
J.Crew sandals
Marshall's cardi
Ily Couture earrings

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