Friday, September 16, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday my friends!
I have had a lovely week with the exception of one tiny little thing.
How about you?

  • My little hiccup this week was when the Mr. and I collided and somehow my foot got caught on his shoe and it ripped my toenail off enough to have to go to the urgent care and get it completely removed. This may sound simple enough, but no nail on your big toe causes more problems than you might think.
  • Realizing from a dream that you are leaving for Barcelona, Spain in a week and you need some kind of shoe to wear that will accommodate your injury.
  • Dining with a group of women and asking to be moved to a different table 3 times.  (I really am not that high maintenance!!)
  • When you and two other friends have a brain freeze at the exact same time and no one can think of the name of what you are looking at.
  • When you are driving and you turn on a curve and the sun completely blinds you.
  • Going up to The Highlands for a few days with friends, especially when the temperature is 20 degrees cooler than where you live.
  • When old friends get together because one of those friends that moved away comes back to visit.
  • The new beginning you always feel when starting a new Bible Study.
  • Laughing at yourself when you realize you are asking fashion related questions to the ladies working at the "sensible" shoe store.
  • Getting rooms ready for the grand opening of Hopeway, a residential mental heath care treatment facility .  This is a cause near and dear to me and I am so excited to see it coming to fruition!!
My look today was inspired by a 
J.Crew look from the fall collection. 
 I just took pieces that I already owned 
and came up with this ensemble.
  I really wanted to wear my Adidas sneakers, 
but couldn't get my injured toe into them.

This look uses :
*layering a t over a button up 
which we usually don't think to do.
*the combination of stripes and stripes.
*adding another pattern to compliment the stripes.

Go shop your closet and think of new ways to wear old things.
 An especially good thing in this transition from summer to fall. 
 You will be surprised at what you come up with and love!

Gap button up shirt
J.Crew T
Old Navy skirt
Dillard's sandals
Random bracelets


Mj Wright said...
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Mj Wright said...

Looking good Brett! Hope your toe heals quickly and you have a great trip to Barcelona! Great seeing you last night!