Friday, October 14, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Cheers to another fall weekend!
I hope you have fabulous plans that include
 some outdoor activities.
  • When you accidentally hit the person in front of you with a coat hanger while waiting online at Old Navy.
  • When that little message pops up on your phone...Storage Almost Full!
  • The couple that decided it was a brilliant idea to go to self checkout with a cart full of produce when there was huge line.
  • Trying to eat pasta in public and not look like a 3 year old.
  • When the Mr. does a Costco run all by himself!!
  • Finding a shirt you looked for all summer long amongst your sweaters that you pulled out for Fall.
  • Having a beautiful, organized closet after switching over summer clothes to fall/winter.  (Can't say how long that will last though)
  • Going to an art show for a friend.  You can check out her work at Gratefully, Danielle.  Her name is Denise.
  • The Mr. saving a woman from getting pummeled with an outdoor umbrella that blew over in the wind.
  • Being able to eat Alfresco again because the weather is nice out
Wearing a classic look today and
 playing up the black and white. 
 A friend of mine bought a pair of window pane pants
 and another friend
 told her they were old lady pants.
  This is simply not true.
  Window pane is a classic style and can be worn that way.
  It can also be seen all over the place in street style
 and it is a favorite of many celebrities. 
 What makes a pattern or item "old" looking
 is usually in the way you style it.  
 I paired a lace up top with my pants
 for a fresh, updated look.

Target top and pants
Aldo shoes
Kate Spade bracelets
Versona earrings

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