Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day of October??
This can't be.
A.)  The weather will NOT stay cool and crisp.
      B.)  I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around Thanksgiving.
C.)  Christmas music and decor will be EVERYWHERE...
 I am so not ready for that!
On to a more enjoyable subject:
  As you know we are remodeling a lake house.
  What you don't know is that the original "cabin" was built in the 60's.
  We are trying to bring back that look. 
 We are so close to finishing out the demo part,
 I can just feel my muscles relaxing.  
I finally put on some real clothes in the midst of our fixer upper project.
  I went for a very fall feel,
 even if the weather keeps creeping up into the 80's.
  Plaid is always trending
 and I chose to play up the red in this look.  

Are you having a hard time realizing what time of year it is?
Are you one of those people that is already playing Christmas music and have all your shopping done?

Gap jeans and vest
Foxcroft button up
Liuid wedges

1 comment:

Wendy Wellen said...

Already have most of my Christmas shopping done!

I just bought wedges almost exactly like that, so comfortable and cute!