Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Am Finally Organized

Well, you know my makeup is organized and now my accessories and jewelry are finally organized.
Didn't do a video for that because it was frankly to embarrassingly messing to show you and took too long to organize!

Why is it that when you finally get organized you just feel rejuvenated somehow.
I feel like I have way more stuff, which actually I have less because I purged.  I can see it all and dressing is so much more fun when you can find stuff!

So here are my pictures from my now organized area in my closet

My belts and small purses.  I can actually see all of them, they used to be hung with scarves and I couldn't ever see them
What? You don't have a pink feather boa hanging on your belt rack??

Now my scarves are all hanging nicely without being tangled in with purses and belts and whatever else made it's way to the hook

I decided to use these racks with bottom hooks and top hooks.  The top hooks are so great for bracelets and the necklaces hang nicely without getting tangled

 I had these jewelry boxes in an armoire, but not much jewelry ever made it back into the boxes.  I am hoping by having them on a shelf out in the open in my closet that I can easily return the earrings to the proper place.

Here is the one on the left opened up.  I love these boxes because they are lined with the stuff that helps your silver not tarnish!
This is the box on the right

This is my inspiration board.  I put up pictures not only of styles and looks I like, but color combos as well.  I am constantly changing the pictures on my board.

So that is it.  Hope you are impressed.  I know this is probably an everyday look at your house, but like I said on my video...I am just now admitting that I am a slob addict.  I am trying to slowly recover and 
stay on the wagon!

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Lilpixie said...

Great organizing! I'm sending you my guest post now :)

Tracy said...

I'm impressed. You should come here and help me shop so I have enough stuff to actually organize.

fashionoverfifty said...

Ahhh you must feel great! You have lots of jewelry it looks like~I just re-organized my closet. Paula

Stacey said...

Nice job! I love the way you've hung your scarves. Mine are hidden in a drawer and I end up not wearing them.

Love the inspiration board also. We should all have one of those.

Soccer Mom Style said...

sooo neat! wonderful tips.
i am such a procrastinator! still had not done my own organization post. sometime soon mine is coming too.
great job!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Doesn't it feel great! After I finished last week, I felt like a new woman with a new wardrobe...it was amazing what was hiding in there! I really like your inspiration board...great idea.

Anonymous said...

I showed DH the pic of your necklaces as we are working on a similar design. Think we're going to use angled pegs rather than hooks.

You and Pam make me realize I need to be working on my scarf collection.

Lady Lipstick said...

You did great!!! IT all looks SUPER organized!!! I still want to do a post on makeup organization! I am almost to the point where I can call mine organized! I hope!
Have a great time in Nashville! When are you going!??


Deborah said...

That looks awesome!

Okay! Now you've really got me thinking about doing my closet post. My loft/bedroom is the only safe place in my house right now! Heh

Delita said...

Love...love your collections and it well organize too :)