Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!
Hope your week is going well and that you haven't suffered too many awkward moments, like my poor friend C.  She backed into her son's car this morning.
Now that is awkward!

Today was a return of the sun shinning and warmer temps
so I broke out the shorts.
  • Our driveway is the bus-stop for both elementary and middle school.  This week someone left a quarter of a half eaten watermelon on top of my mailbox and by the time I found it it was completely covered in ants!
  • Picked up a new book to read this week.  Went with an author I have read many times.  This book turns out to be about aliens that come down and inhabit people. What? She has never written a book like this that I have read before. Just kind of freaked me out.  Not my cup of tea, but I am the type of person that WILL NOT stop reading a book until the end, no matter how bad or weird it is.
  • Was making dinner in the crock pot this week and was trying to make sure the contents were hot before I added a key ingredient.  Touched the sides of the stainless steel crock pot with both hands.  Not a pretty picture or the best feeling in the world.  HOT!!!
  • Husband uninvited me on a date this week.  Some people from his company were invited to a Montgomery-Gentry concert and husband knows I like country music.  He was so proud to be able to take me.   Turns out NO other wives were going.  UN! INVITE!
  • My friend talked me into trying Organic Apple Cinder Vinegar(with the mother)  It's a thing! Trust me.  Well, I did, but we had the amount you are supposed to take wrong.  Our throats are fried and we can barely talk.  No more ACV for us.
  • Son1 got a job.  Not only is it a job, it is a GOOD job!
  • Planted a vegetable garden this weekend.  Can't wait for some homegrown goodness
  • Girls Night Out! (LUV You Guys)
  • The wedding dresses are out on the floor at the Thrift Store where I volunteer.  So fun looking at them and I got to create a cool wedding display.  I promise you, if there had been a dress in my size I would have tried it on.  Maybe I need to stop watching so much Say Yes To The Dress.
  • Remember when I dropped my IPhone in the water a couple of months ago?  Well, it finally died it's slow death.  I now have a new IPhone.  No more dropped calls, no more taking 20 min for something to load and no more functions that won't work.  I am a happy girl again.
Tell me how your week went.  Have you ever been uninvited on a date? 
Burned your hands on your crock pot?
Or just been so happy about something you burst into song.  Yea, I do that sometimes. 
The son's are not a fan!
Entire Outfit Brought To You By- Loft


Shybiker said...

You're lookin' good!  Fun outfit. 

Carla said...

Love your shorts and shirt--bright and colorful. I must admit I am soooo thankful you didn't "out" me on my (shall we say "comfy") outfit yesterday!  

Hey There Carole! said...

Wonderful outfit... I love your awkward and awesome thursdays. Congrats to the son. 

Peggy said...

uninvited! man, he better make it up to you!  My husband will always say "hey, let's go get a coffee". I will go freshen up a bit and come back ready to go and then he says, now I'm too tired! So that's kind of un-invited! 
Yay on the job for son1!  And your new iphone, sweet! I want shorts weather!

Lyddiegal said...

sounds like you've had a bit of a rough week; but yay for new iphones, and congrats to son 1!
hope you have a great friday and weekend!

Doreen said...

Holy Moly - how I love your blog. I just found you via Shybiker and I love, love,love your style!

Your Biggest, newest fan,


silvrgurl said...

I was more interested in your company than your outfit!!!

silvrgurl said...

Thanks for the nice words Doreen
Glad you dropped by!

Betty said...

 I'm jealous that you can wear shorts that length--can you say Bermuda?  You do look cute!

Lise Marie said...

You look fabulous!!! I love the look...and by the way, I bet I know what book you were reading about the aliens.  I had the same experience and was like "WHAT???"  LOL   Hope you are doing well! 

Tracy said...

 Look at you. Does husband know how lucky he is? Cuz, damn girl, you fine!

So, I not only burst into song, but I throw in a few awesome (in my opinion) dance moves. tee hee