Friday, August 12, 2011

The 21 Day Challenge

Hi ya'll
Hope everyone is having a great Friday.
Here at our little home we are trying to clean up the debris and tree that fell in during that crazy storm last night.
Our neighborhood looked like a war zone.  Streets were blocked, mailboxes smashed, debris everywhere, electricity outages.  Luckily no one's home was hit by any wayward trees and everyone's electricity was back on by 1 am.

Anyway, I am totally going off on a rabbit trail!

What I really wanted to post about is:
The 21 Day Challenge sponsered by Kayla over on Freckles in April.

21 Day Challenge

Go check it out and see if it is something you would like to take part in. 
 I know I will be!


Debby said...

So sorry to hear about the tree, Brett. Clean up surely must be a big pain. Hope you have a wonderful Friday. xo

brideblu said...

Yikes ... sorry to hear of the destructive storm.  Sounds like everyone is okay ... that is good!

Hmmm ... 21 day challenge, I am intrigued, off to check this out!

♥ Cat

WendyB said...

Crazy storm!

meredith said...

fun! not the storm, the 21 day challenge. Kayla's super cool. good luck! :)