Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's Thursday already and not only that but the first Thursday in August.
So here we go....
  • Son1 telling us that his tuition is due the day it is actually due!!!!
  • The utter and complete silence of a tour group when the tour guide mentions that NO freshman dorms have air conditioning.
  • Asking the lady in the store where they moved the bug spray in the newly remodeled store.  She smiles, turn slightly to her left and points.
  • Spilling an entire cup of coffee on the floor in the waiting room of car dealership because I missed the table when trying to set my cup on it.
  • Son2 showing up to school for his Senior portraits in the ugliest t shirt he owns.  Sure they took the requisite tux shot, then had him go outside for some random shots in his own clothes.  We had no idea about the random outside shots.
  • Finally seeing the very last Harry Potter movie.  Who knew I would feel a little verklempt.
  • A nice shopping trip to Ikea!
  • Jumping on the Flipping Out bandwagon.  I am on season 4 now.
  • Getting a new and much improved curling iron.  It actually gets hot and everything.
  • Heading to the beach.
It is SUPER hot here again so this is my stay cool for the day outfit.
  The shirt is linen and very breathable and the skirt is just breezy and cool.
I am loving the deep purple with the gray and black. 
Tried a purplish necklace at first and hated how it looked.  Decided the black accessories did the outfit more justice.

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday, son2 and I are headed out to visit yet another college.

top-Banana Republic
belt-old as the hills ?
random bracelets


Debby said...

LOVE that shade of purple, Brett. Ugh, sons always wait until the last minute to tell us important details!! xo

Rebecca said...

 It would have to be a pretty great school to put up with no AC in the dorms!

Tracy said...

Love this deep purple on you. Gorgeous. I love your hair? Is this a product of the new and improved curling iron? So cute.


Betty said...

I LUV your whole outfit.  The purple is a great color pop to the gray.  Like how you're wearing the belt.

Kristin & Megan said...

Oh wow...On the day it was due? Good think patience is something we parents practice! HA!

WendyB said...

"Son1 telling us that his tuition is due the day it is actually due!!!!" -- that's often how I realize my business's sales tax is due...that day. Ugh.

Deborah said...


Just sayin'.   :)

And no air conditioning? That is awful.

Adorable outfit as always. How do you do it all the time?