Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leopard Can Change The Stripes

Good Tuesday to you all!
My Monday was full of accomplishments, namely the cleaning out of son2's bedchambers!
Only two and half hours and 3 trash bags.(apparently he never heard of a garbage can)

I am happy to report there were no tears, pits in my stomach or sadness and malaise.  

Speaking of the above, this is the outfit I wore the day after I dropped him off at school.
Hence, the shades to hide the red, swollen, tear filled eyes.
If you remember, I wore this little dress for the Katie Homes inspiration picture a couple of weeks ago. 
 Sorry Katie, but I like this look better than yours.
I love the way the leopard print belt just gives this dress a whole new vibe. 
 Add the statement necklace in vibrant red
you got yourself an outfit.
I might have worn red shoes with this if I had had any in my closet. 
 Sadly, I don't own one single pair of red shoes. 
 I might just have to remedy that.

Do you own a pair of red shoes? 
 What kind of shoes are they? (flats, wedges, pumps, etc)

sandals-Arturo Chiang
aviators-left behind by one of the sons


Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

lovely dress! and that necklace is a very nice touch, I adore it.

Style Journey said...

Adding leopard to anything can make an outfit rock! Just like this striped dress :)

pastcaring said...

Can't go far wrong with a bit of leopard print, I reckon!
Love the necklace too, takes the dress in another direction from the ubiquitous nautical look.
Yes, I am the proud owner of 2.pairs of red shoes. I like to think they have the power to add a certain oomph to an outfit! Have some burgundy boots too, do they count? xx

Coffee and Cardigans said...

I love that you remixed this dress - it's adorable! Adding the contrasting print and that great red necklace really changes the look up. And congratulations on getting the boy's room cleaned out. I bet it's strange having the empty space. Either way, definitely a good accomplishment. :)


TaraMixandMatch said...

The dress looks so adorable with the bubble necklace!

Bravoe Runway said...

Awww..You are making progress Brett :) By the time they come back for thanksgiving and eat all the food, you'll be ready to send them back to univ.

Leslie said...

A little leopard is perfect and really changes the look of the outfit.

nice job Brett!

Anonymous said...

Very NICE! The accessories definitely elevated this dress to a chic-dom. Is there such a word?
You'll begin to enjoy your empty nest-dom here pretty soon...I promise!
No idea why I'm making up words here... :D

J9 STYLE said...

Love this outfit and the post title! I don' have a pair of red shoes...but it's on my list.

Alex Elizabeth said...

Brett, this look is fab! I love the belt, and the necklace is a great color!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Surprisingly enough (due to the size of my shoe collection) I don't own one pair of red shoes but I would love to, still hunting for the right pair! Leopard and stripes is one of my fave combos and then throw in a red statement necklace, wowza now that's an outfit!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

P.S. Just read where the aviators are from, hope they don't read your blog ;)

Giovanna said...

Such a cute look! Loving your dress and how you added the belt! Totally took it up a notch!


Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Hi Brett, this is a lovely, very simple chic outfit... the necklace, belt and sandals are the perfect accessories to the soft stripes! Plus you have fabulous legs sweetie :))

Catherine x

Lisa said...

This dress is so cute. You look great and those legs!

Lynne DeVenny said...

The two teen girls, both 16, in my house have never heard of garbage cans either. I'll pro'bly hire a HazMat type company to clean out their room when they go to college :P

Love your stripes!