Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Well, we are on a winter storm watch around here.
I really am hoping we get just a bit of snow!

On with the awkward and awesome for the week...

  • When the GPS says you are at your destination but you are lost in the dark on a strange road.
  • Husband had his first visit with his "lunch buddy" this week.  The 12 year old boy made it clear to husband that he had been expecting a much younger "buddy".
  • Attempting to be glamorous in a convertible.  
  • Being so caught up in a conversation that you and your friend are asked to leave the movie theater because the next movie is about to start.
  • Trying to locate the left over chicken from the night before and husband realizes you never took it back out of the oven the night before.
  • When birthday gifts start rolling in.
  • Friends surprising you by picking you up in a beautiful blue mustang convertible to take you out to dinner.
  • Trying a new recipe that you really, really like.
  • Both sons leaving their rooms in pretty good condition when they left to go back to school.  That might be a first!
  • When you are having a moment and a song comes on that totally corresponds to what is going on in your life.
 I an calling this look my "fancy cowgirl" look. 
 Fur,corduroy and pearls paired with
 cowboy boots,denim and plaid. 
 How could I not love this combination???

Did you have any memorable moments this week?

plaid shirt-Old Navy
denim jacket-Levi's
fur vest-gifted
boots-Gianni Bini


gracefully50 said...

What nice friends you have! I hope we get a little snow, too.
I'd say you are a fashionable cowgirl!
Happy Weekend!

Leslie said...

Those darn GPS gadgets.. they always through you off!

Darling outfit with a little western flare.

{wishing you snow!}
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awesome vest!! You picked a great one.
Love reading these lists!

Marla Robinson said...

"expecting a much younger buddy" Omg, I cracked up when I read that. Ha! Love this outfit Brett. That plaid shirt looks great with your fur vest.

Heather said...

Super cute boots and cozy layers! I have a love/hate with GPS - I wouldn't get anywhere without it but sometimes it takes me the strangest ways!


Annie said...

Love your layers Brett!


Teddi said...

you're so cute in your fancy cowgirl ensemble! i always enjoy reading your awesome and awkward posts. :)