Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floral and Stripes

Is anyone else tired of having to layer clothes?
It seems I get dressed in the morning thinking it will be spring like outside only to step out and see that I was fooled...again!
As you can tell it was quite a blustery day the day I wore this. 
 In fact,
 I ended up going back inside to retrieve my jean jacket while taking pictures.
I love to mix prints. 
Stripes with floral always seems like a natural combination to me for whatever reason.
 Even if it didn't feel like spring outside,
 I decided to bring a little spring to my outfit!
As much as I love my boots,
 I think I am ready to break out some cute little sandals!
After a much needed pedicure of course.

Are you trying to incorporate spring into your wardrobe
 even if
 mother nature is dead set against showing us
 some spring love???

skinnies-Old Navy
bracelet-Ily Couture


Style Journey said...

I am with you wishing for spring. I was doing laundry over the weekend and said that I hate winter. It's double the laundry with all the extra clothes used for layering.

Your outfit is quite springy and I like the colors! Heather

Anonymous said...

I'm working on adding a bit more color. It's refreshing after all the black and brown I wear.
You look cute!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, you look great! The scarf is just the perfect compliment for that fabulous sweater!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love this combo Brett!! I don't ever complain about layering because too soon we will be in excessive heat and stay there until October...I hope the cold sticks around.

J9 STYLE said...

Considering it will be 80 tomorrow, I have no choice but to dress for spring! Love the stripes and floral and love the green/navy color combo!

gracefully50 said...

LOVE this look!! How cute are you!
Yeah, I'm experiencing the same kind of weather....let's get to spring already!!

Jess said...

The stripes paired with the floral print of your scarf is gorgeous and I love that bright green color for spring!

Jess - J's Style

LyddieGal said...

I am ready for spring, and while i dont mind the layers so much, I want bare legs and open shoes!
Chic on the Cheap

Claire said...

florals and stripes are my fave patterns to mix. up there with animal print and floral! i also love blue and green together. such a great color combo!


No fear of fashion said...

And another one of my favourite combinations: blue and green. Stipes and patterns. Ever so nice.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Two of my favorite colors and such a pretty scarf!

pastcaring said...

That gorgeous bright green certainly looks Spring-like, even if the weather isn't playing so nice! Love stripes and florals, and blue and green too. xxx

Sylvia said...

I'm not in the spring mode yet. I can't seem to wear much color these days. Glad that you are though! love the bold stripes and the floral scarf. Great way to mix up prints...love it!


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

The combo of the stripes with the foral scarf is adorable! Im ready for Spring too!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm still all over mixed prints! Love what you've done!

Annie said...

I'm SO tired of layering! I love that striped shirt though - so fun :)

The Other Side of Gray

Jessi said...

Stripes and florals is such an awesome combo! I'll never get sick of it. Love this bright version!

Anonymous said...

I'm always glad to see your photos because you love color - and you know how to wear it without looking like a pinata! ;-P

Spashionista (Alicia)

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Yes I sure am! I was wearing a butterfly dress with mounds of snow all around me, I'm ready for spring! I LOVE this neon sweater and paired with the floral scarf it is feisty and fun! I am sick of boots, ready to show some toe cleavage :)

The Closet Shopper said...

That sweater and scarf combo is the BEST!


Teddi said...

LOVE it! seriously, i do. :)