Friday, April 12, 2013

Once There Was A Thing Called Spring

I don't know about where you live, but spring has definitely finally found it's way to the Carolina's!
How do I know?  Because there is a nice yellow coating on everything outside and everywhere you go people are sneezing and coughing.
Oh, the pollen, don't you just love it!
I wore my $20 Old Navy dress to a neighborhood event last night. 
 I styled it much differently than when I wore it here. 
 I went all out for spring with this look.
This is a shift dress,
 but for me if I don't belt it, it just looks old school maternity.
  I think I should have actually gotten a size smaller. 
 I decided to add pink accents this time,
 where as last time I focused on the blues in the dress.
And how about those rose gold sandals?? 
 I have been dieing for a pair of rose gold shoes forever. 
 I found these at JCPenny for a song. 
 I have a feeling I will have worn them out by the end of summer.

What is on your must have list for footwear this summer?
Have you found it already or are you still searching?

dress-Old Navy


Kristen said...

I'm on the hunt for the perfect sandal this summer. Love yours! Rose gold makes me soooo happy.

Style Journey said...

Bows on your sandals? I am in love! They look great with your dress.

As far as adding shoes for spring, I do not NEED anymore shoes, but I always WANT more shoes! Heather

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have a high school student sitting in front of me right now and she has on the same sandals...I had just told her how cute they are...great dress from Old Navy...you a spring style savvy!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute spring dress and agghhh I also want to be able to not wear tights!

josep-maria badia said...

A lovely dress, you are very attractive to him.

Brooke said...

I keep hearing about how bad the pollen is up north; so glad that down here in Florida it isn't as bad (at least not where I live.)
I LOVE that dress!! Can't believe it was so inexpensive; gotta love Old Navy! Have a great weekend!

Milex said...

You represent everything I like

Kathryn said...

Love the colors here! I'm in dire need of some flat sandals for summer, mine are just about dead. :(

Alexandra Shook said...

I think it might finally be spring here, too! I love rose gold shoes! I have a pair of heels, but they're not that comfortable so I don't wear them too often.

You certainly do look springy! I'm a major fan of this dress and styling.

Dawn (Sassy) said...

Hey girl..

The new hair is amazing, and I lovee those sandals.

Very very nice!



pastcaring said...

Funny you should say that, I would like some colourful interesting shoes, something with a chunky block heel, I think, I am keen to be out of boots!
Beautiful paisley print on your dress, Brett, and the gold sandals are such a pretty shade. xxx

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

My favourite warm weather footwear are wedges because they give you height but are also very comfy. This blue shift dress is so pretty on you and I still can't get over how great your new haircut looks! We are still waiting for spring in Ottawa, just had a snowstorm on Friday!

Chelsea Oliver said...

I love how you styled this dress this time! Love the pink belt & sandals!


Heather said...

Yes I hear ya! We got 6 inches of snow last week! Those sandals are way too cute and that dress is so pretty - now we just need the weather to catch up!

Pearls & Paws

Lady of Style said...

Just saw that you are wearing the same dress I am showing on my current post.
Good idea wearing it with a belt as mine is a bit too wide as well; I will take it to my seamstress to have it tightened a bit.

Love the sandals with the bow!

Lady of Style
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