Friday, June 28, 2013

Awkward and Awesome FRIDAY!

Here we are: our first official Awkward and Awesome Friday!
  • Thinking I am spraying hair product in my hair when in actuality I am spraying body spray in my hair.  
  • The couple making out in the car in front of me at the red light.  I can't tell you the last time I saw something like that. 
  • When you realize the dog has figured out how to open the treat bin and is helping himself to dog treats whenever he wants them.
  • When you and someone else are trying to share an umbrella that isn't big enough for two.  Their right side is dry and your left side is dry, but that is about it.
  • Having a conversation with someone and not remembering who they are until you get home later that day.
  • Celebrating 28 years of marriage last Saturday.
  • A surprise visit from a college friend I haven't seen in forever.
  • My new favorite saying:  Were you thinking or were you drinking?
  • The used book store.
  • An impromptu weekend beach trip with a girl friend!  
As I mentioned last weekend was husband and my anniversary. 
 He gave me this cute little dress as a gift! 
 He did good didn't he???

Let's hear your awkward and awesome moments
 this week in the comments.

belt-Ellen Tracy


Style Journey said...

Ha ha! I had the same awkward umbrella moment at a swim meet earlier this week. I totally know what you mean.

Super cute dress. He did a great job! Enjoy your weekend :)

Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the dress!

Sheila said...

Happy Anniversary!

My moment was adding pancake syrup instead of dish soap to do dishes.

Marla Robinson said...

Happy Anniversary Brett. He did good!

Lala H said...

28 years of marriage that is so wonderful! Happy Anniversary and love the dress on you!

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Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary Brett! Ours is next week 3100 years..opps I meant 31! Anyways, always like your Thursday posts. So funny about the people making out. Why??? Get a room!
Have a good weekend!

Jacqueline Rendine said...

Such a cute dress! Love how you styled it with that necklace!


Alexandra Shook said...

Love this dress and necklace! Happy anniversary!

pastcaring said...

He DID do well! It's a lovely dress, great colours. Happy Anniversary, Brett.
Had an awesome night out with friends last night at a Mad Men themed party, everyone looked amazing. xxxx

LyddieGal said...

Cute stripes Brett! Guess your dog has outsmarted you! Hehe.
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Elle said...

Yes, he did great, and so did you. Happy 28th! (I just celebrated my 28th also, 3 weeks ago.) Loved your "awkward" tidbits.. i hear you! The dress and colors are great. I enjoy your writing. XX, Elle

dan said...

Happy anniversary! ( time runs so fast! ) The colour of your new dress really suits you... you have a very smart dog!