Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinned It and Did It

It's time to show my crafty side again this week on Pinned It and Did It.
I am starting to see an obsession for gold dots in my Pinned It and Did It projects.
See here
This week I went with the gold dots on glassware.

Here is my inspiration 
I got my glasses at the Target $1 spot,
 so they were super affordable
 and I already had the gold paint.
The tutorial used a gold paint pen,
 but since I already had the paint
 I figured I'd just use that.
I configured my dots a little differently than the tutorial.
 I am wondering if using the paint pen gives you more control?  
No matter, I was happy with how my $1 glasses turned out
 I know they will get tons of use during the holiday season.

Have you done a Christmas Pinned It and Did It project yet this season?

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Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Very cute...what a fun idea!

Style Journey said...

This is so cute! I would have never thought in a million years to paint my plain jane glasses like this.

two birds said...

very kate spade-ish! i love how they turned out!

Alexandra Shook said...

This is such a great DIY. Simple, inexpensive and looks great! A paint pen does give you more control, but I remember them being watery, so watch out for that. Of course, last time I used one was two years ago and they are probably better now!

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

These are so fun Bret, way to go!

LyddieGal said...

those look great!! I would definitely want gold polka dot glasses!
Chic on the Cheap

Elle said...

I love these glasses. They look like something Anthropolgie would sell! These really turned out beautifully!

Kathryn said...

Such a great idea! I love how yours turned out.

Sarah said...

Your Pinterest inspiration picture is from a project I showed on my blog! So neat to see it has made it here, love your take on it!