Friday, July 4, 2014

Awkward & Awesome July 4th!

Happy Independence Day!!
I hope you are doing something absoluetly wonderful today.
  • Our .25 cent beta fish we got when Walmart remodeled died after 4 years.
  • Getting locked out of Netflix because too many people in your household are watching.
  • Attempting to make home made corn tortillas.
  • When the checkout lady says she is closed, then takes the next person that walks up to her because she knows them.
  • Getting your passport out, looking at the picture and realizing it really was as bad as you remembered.
  • Husband bringing home sourdough bread from San Francisco.
  • Independence Day
  • The people at Fitbit sending me a new one because the one I had pretty much died.
  • Getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a friend.
  • Bahamas...enough said!
 I know pink, white and blue isn't very patriotic,
 but apparently I own no red bottoms.
I kind of like the combo myself.

FYI...I will be taking next week off to vacay with the family.
Hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July weekend!

Old Navy top-here
Gap shorts-here
Faux Jack Rogers- real here
Handpicked necklace-similar here
Gifted watch-similar here
Ebay bracelet-similar
                       Target sunnies-similar


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look perfect for a great celebration...that Old Navy top is really cute! Happy 4th...have fun!

Patti said...

Such a cute outfit! And I realized I don't have any red shorts either!

Kristen said...

I always sub pink in place of red! So much cuter! Hope you have a fabulous week on vacay!

Alexandra Shook said...

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I've done pink, white and blue on previous July 4ths as well!

Elle said...

I love that star intarsia sweat and the shorts are perfectly paired!
Getting locked out of Netflix hurts!
Now, what do i hear about the Bahamas??!!
XX, Elle

Stacey said...

Love this outfit on you! And darn...where do we get the faux sandals? :)