Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When did it get to be almost the middle of August??

Hi Ya'll!!
I am back from my vacation, almost caught up to being back in the real world and lo and behold it is almost mid-August.
I am not sure how that happened.
 Even though school is beginning soon and September is right around the corner I have in no way been craving fall clothes yet.
This outfit just screams summer and I intend to keep dressing in fun summer clothes for as long as I can.
Who doesn't love fun, bright colors
 and pineapples are always welcome in my book. 
 As I think about it,
 I am pretty sure I wore a different pineapple shirt yesterday.

So, even though the stores are stocking up on
 sweaters, boots and scarves- 
 I am going to enjoy summer clothes a little bit longer!

Are you ready for autumn looks yet?

PS...I wanted to give a shout out to my Instagram friend @mainelyelle for the great suggestions she gave me for my trip to Maine.

boutique blouse-similar here and here
J. Crew shorts-here
Jack Rogers sandals-here

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