Monday, October 5, 2015

Buffalo and Stripes

Hello everyone!
I am back from my Appalachian Trail hiking adventure.
Tune in Friday for a post telling all about it.
Have ya'll been getting the rain like we have around here? 
 It's been crazy,
 hence the mum not planted where those begonias are. 
With all of the rain, the cooler weather has definitely swept in. 
 I paired two of my favorite prints together.
  Buffalo plaid is a fall staple
 and I love it paired with stripes.
I went for a look with a very casual feel
 and added black and white jewelry to give it some pizazz.
  The addition of jewelry helps to pull the look together.
  Joe the dog dropped in today.
The poor thing must have missed me while I was away,
 as he hasn't left me out of his site since I returned.

Is buffalo plaid a favorite of yours?
What do you like to mix this print with?

Loft sweater
Old Navy shirt
Gap jeans
Nine West booties
Ily Couture necklace
Random black bracelets
Gifted watch

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Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Really cute outfit, Brett!