Friday, November 6, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

I am actually out hiking again as you read this.
Some friends and I are hiking up to Pilot Mountain, you probably know it better as Mount Pilot from the Andy Griffith show way back when.
  • Daylight Savings!  I don't really understand why this is still around.  I hate the early darkness.
  • I say I am not gonna do it every year, but alas...a Halloween Hangover always comes to visit the day after.
  • Getting tree branches out of my yard for a decorating project and the branches are all covered with a raisiny, jelly like fungus.  At least I think that is what it is!
  • Designing a wedding shower invite for a friend's daughter and inserting my friend's name instead of the daughter's in the invitation.  I didn't even realize until someone else proof read it for me.  
  • Spending the day with a single girl friend and they have a friend that doesn't know me and texts them..."how's the date going with Brett?"
  • Handing out candy to the tons of cute dressed up kids on Halloween.
  • Free passes to see a movie screening.
  • Getting a DVD rental settlement from Walmart that you didn't even know you were involved in. (a whopping $12)
  • When a friend gives you a happy 5th year blogiversary gift.
  • When you follow a YouTube how to video and it goes perfectly.
This dress is 5 years old and I only paid $20 for it. 
 It was one of the best clothing purchases I have ever made.
  Don't you love it when that happens?
I paired it with over the knee boots and a massive amount of pearls.  
I didn't add anything else
 as the pearls were the rock star of this look. 
 Simple, yet dramatic.

I would love to hear you awkward and awesome moments this week.

Target dress
Boutique 9 boots
9th and Elm necklace

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