Friday, February 5, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Friday before the Superbowl!
Is everyone ready to indulge in some awesome Superbowl snacks?!
  • When you are having a lovely lunch on the bank on the Thames and a pigeon keeps stalking you no matter how many times you shoo him away.
  • Being asked to give a Scottish toast at the Mr.'s business dinner 5 min before hand and then finding out that the toast ended up on YouTube. (p.s.-it was not the Mr. that asked me to do it)
  • The touch screens on international flights that really aren't touch screens.  More like hit as hard as you can screens!
  • Walking into the room and finding the trash can tipped over, trash all over the place the dog right in the middle of it all looking at you so proudly.
  • When unknowing to anyone a random phone number got put into your Bible Study group text.  You read that someone is bringing juice and the next text is saying someone is bringing condoms and lube. 
  • Your first night in London after landing that morning and you are tired and hungry.  You happen upon the best hole in the wall Mediterranean restaurant ever.
  • Borough Market (it's like a food fantasy!)
  • Nicest cab driver ever in Scotland.  He gave us such good ideas of where to go.
  • Flying over Greenland and seeing the snow covered mountains and glaciers.
  • Upcoming Super Bowl and our Carolina Panther's are playing! This city has gone Panther's crazy!!  #keeppounding
Just a casual classic look today. 
 There is nothing better than
 leopard, red and stripes!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Old Navy top, necklace and jeans
Levi's jacket
Betsey Johnson sneakers
Fossil watch

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jodie filogomo said...

I do love this look...but there is a mistake in your post---the Bronco's are playing in the superbowl---the panther's are just there to make us look good---ha ha!!