Friday, March 4, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Lovelies,
I hope everyone is planning a great weekend.
I also hope you are getting a taste of some spring weather now.
  • When a jar of spices falls out of your cabinet and hits the stove top just at the correct angle and shatters the side of the stovetop.
  • When you try on a cute new pair of work out pants and you look in the mirror and they are completely see thru.  No wonder they were on sale!
  • When you sit in the vicinity of a "loud talker" at a restaurant.  
  • Sending out a blog post without spell checking the title.  Did ya'll think I was drunk typing on Monday?
  • When you answer your cell and can't hear anyone on the other end.  After three attempted calls you realize that your earbuds are plugged into the phone and you don't have them in your ears. 
  • When your friend brings you camellias from her house to fill yours.
  • Seeing all of the daffodils popping up.
  • After looking for months and trying on dozens of pairs of white jeans...finally finding the perfect pair for me!
  • When you get to that point that you need/want a hair cut immediately and when you call - they can take you that day.  (you know you know that feeling!)
  • Back to back beach trips!
A little pattern mixing here...okay
  a lot of pattern mixing going on.
I'll be honest and tell you I absolutely
 stole this look from an Instagram friend.
I love everything that is going on here!

I will be MIA next week as I enjoy some R&R at not one, but two different beaches.
Check me out on Instagram to see what kind of fun I find.

Old Navy top and skirt
Marshall's booties
H&M necklace

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