Friday, October 7, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

If you're being affected by hurricane Matthew, 
I hope you are safe and dry!
We are just getting buckets of rain here in Charlotte.
  • When you brake your glasses, but you can't tell what is exactly wrong because you can't see without your glasses.
  • The annoying woodpecker that has decided to peck all of the wood on the outside of my bedroom wall.
  • The woman that thought it was a good idea to load up on perfume right before yoga class.
  • You know when you have so much body lotion you think you will never run out?  Well, I actually did.  How did that happen?
  • Your neighborhood mail carrier making everyone in the neighborhood angry because he/she isn't delivering or picking up the mail properly.
  • Finally pulling out the boots and booties for fall!
  • Getting back to yoga after 2 weeks of toe injury healing.
  • Have you seen the TV show, "This Is Us"?  Only 2 episodes have aired so far, so I encourage you to go check it out.  At least the first episode.  It is so good.
  • I'm usually not a big one for all the pumpkin spice hoopla, but I found these cute little pumpkin spice cookies at Trader Joe's that are delish.
  • Finally getting out the fall decorations and sprucing up the house.
Yea, it finally is getting cooler,
 so I pulled out my military jacket
 and paired it with sequins. 
 I love a good mix of the unexpected. 
 I kept the look casual with distressed jeans and sneakers,
 but switch over to some booties
 and you've totally dressed up the look.
  Yes, I broke down and did the choker thing. 
 Reminds me of my younger days.
  Everything always comes back around doesn't it???

What trend are you looking forward to that is making it's way back around?

Kohl's jacket
H & M sequin tank
Gap jeans
Adidas sneakers
Francesca choker

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One Tick to Be Sick said...

I love the show This Is Us so far! The first episode blew my mind!