Monday, October 10, 2016

Fancy Hemlines

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone out there weathered Matthew
 without too much damage.
My thoughts and prayers go out to those who didn't!
Fun hemlines are everywhere you look. 
 Whether it is on tops or bottoms. 
 One of the biggest trends is un-hemmed jeans.
  I know,
 why pay extra for that when you can do it yourself!?
I took a pair of skinny jeans that I was thinking of donating
 and ripped the hem out myself. 
 I need to shorten them a bit more
 and maybe fray them a bit,
but hey...
free is a great price for a new trend!
I added a fun top with a frilly, girly, lacy hem 
to my "new" jeans
 and I am rocking an on trend style. 
 Of course a scarf with ball fringe brings the whimsy all together.

Are you on board with the undone hem look?

Target top
Bestey Johnson scarf
Gap jeans
Vera Wang sneakers

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