Friday, November 18, 2016

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday before Thanksgiving!
I can't even believe it is that time of year already.
  • When your dog throws up in your bed and you are in it.
  • The new guy in the fish department trying to wrap up your fish purchase.  I am pretty sure he used more tape than paper.
  • Doing work on the fireplace at the lake house and discovering the ashes in the fireplace and you know for a fact the fireplace has been un - usable for 16 years.  We may never get the smell out.
  • Finially getting all the clean bedding back on the bed after the above mentioned dog incident and the dog knocks over your cup of coffee all over the nice clean linens.
  • Trying to transfer olive oil from one container to another and it spills everywhere.  Do you know how hard it is to wipe up giant puddles of oil???
  • Son1 celebrating his 25th birthday last week.
  • When $20 falls out of your pocket and you don't realize it until you walk back to your car and there it is in the parking lot right where it fell out.
  • Finally getting a day of rain when we have had drought conditions here.  Sadly, it didn't really help.
  • Finally getting cold enough to have the first outdoor fire of the year in your fireplace.
  • Yoga Bingo.  I am trying several new classes that I would have never tried otherwise.  Anyone out there tried Nia yoga?
 Doing a little pattern mix.
  Polka dots and stripes just naturally go together.
  If they are colorful,
 that's even better.  
THis sweater is from either last year or the year before,
 but I noticed they have almost the exact same one at Gap again this year.  
I opted for some flared jeans to go with my look
 and thought statement earrings would be fun.

Are you a stripe/polka dot pattern mixer?

Loft shirt
Gap sweater
White House/Black Market jeans
Nine West booties
online earrings

1 comment:

jodie filogomo said...

These always crack me up!! Thanks for the laugh, Brett!
I love your print mixing---I need to copy this wonderful look!