Friday, September 2, 2011

Adorn Your Head

The 21 Day Challenge today is Adorn Your Head.

There are HAT people, HEADBAND people and even CLIPS in the hair people. I am NOT any of those people.
I have a very small head which makes it hard to find a hat that fits, a headband that stays on or clips that don't slide out of my hair. (okay, the clips are not sliding because my head is small, but you get the picture)
I just don't have the "adorn your head" coolness factor.

I went with a hat because that is the best of the worst choice for adorning my head.  Since I only own ski beanies, a baseball cap and a cowboy hat I borrowed a fedora from son1.
I can't say that the fedora actually fit me like a fedora is supposed to,
 but at least the brim wasn't falling around my ears.
I was trying to go for a fresh and funky look which at my age might not even be possible to pull off.
Well, I gave it my best effort.
So my big question to all of you out there is....
 hat hair! 
 How do you deal with it???
Are you a hat person? 
 What kinds of hats do you like to wear and do you keep them on all day long?

white t & pants-J.Crew
blue top w/lace-Urban Outfitters
bee necklace-F21


Natalie said...

Cute and sassy! ;)  No, I'm not really a hat person, although my dermatologist has begged me to be for the shade factor.

unpretentiousteacher said...

You look hip and happening!  Love it!  Hat hair is simple... I wear a hat to hide it.  LOL.  :)  Actually I don't wear hats for long enough to get hat hair, and mine usually fit too loose to cause it too.

Tracy said...

OMG, we're both wearing J Crew rose chinos in our post today!!!!! Do you believe that? haha. Good thing we didn't bump into each other wearing the same pants.

You look fab in that fedora. You should buy one for yourself. They have a great one on sale at J Crew that I just ordered. Get it so we can be twinzies!


silvrgurl said...

yea that is why i own a baseball cap, for when i am at the beach or working in the yard

silvrgurl said...

LOL of course, that is why my sons wear beanies even in the summer
to cover the bed hair!

silvrgurl said...

not only that, but we are working navy and white stripes